Metaverse & Education

Journal Name: Metaverse & Education

Access: Open Access (Online only)

Process: Peer Review

Frequency: Annually

Publication Language: English

Publication Fee: None

Metaverse & Education is an open access international journal that publishes high-quality articles. All articles published in Metaverse & Education will be peer-reviewed. Metaverse & Education will be published 2 issues per year (one volume per year), in June and December.

Metaverse & Education publishes research employing a variety of qualitative and/or quantitative methods and/or mixed approaches. Empirical articles are expected to report on significant research studies. These may report qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods studies and need to be of a high scholarly quality. Empirical articles need to include: a clear methodology (including information on sampling and analytical process); substantive evidence of research outputs, outcomes and impacts (e.g. of the interventions trialled, applied, or adopted). Theoretical, methodological and review articles should be critical, present a novel perspective and make an original contribution. Review and survey articles that show scholarly depth, breadth and richness are particularly welcome.

Also referred to as Journal of Metaverse & Education, Journal of Metaverse and Education, Metaverse & Education Journal and Metaverse and Education Journal.